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Africa renewable energy awards

Kenya is one of the leading international players in the renewable energy industry, and as a result, it has some of the highest Off-grid solution consumption rates worldwide. Kenya has the eighth-highest geothermal output and the world’s fastest-growing electricity access rate. With this in mind, we are proud of Kenya as the melting point of stories of success and opportunities as countries transition to clean energy in line with the Paris Agreement.

The Africa Renewable Energy Awards aim at supporting and inspiring those industry players in Africa to share their stories of GRIT (Growth, Resilience, Innovation, and Transition), Brands & Beyond Ltd (a renewable energy communication agency) is happy to present the first edition of the Africa Renewable Energy Awards.

There is no better way to do this than to celebrate the outstanding work of the several companies and individuals working in the clean technology and renewable energy industries. The Awards seek to recognize the industry’s quality and innovation, fueled by government policy and individual and collective efforts that have improved access to clean energy in Kenya. The need for renewable energy is only increasing, and Africa‚Äôs actions are only enhancing the expansion of businesses in this burgeoning area.

The awards will highlight the “amazing work” done toward net-zero and honour organizations and people who have made “fantastic” contributions to renewable energy and clean technology in the past few years.

A neutral panel of industry think tanks that have promoted their domain expertise from all facets of the Renewable Energy sector in Africa will serve as the impartial jury for the awards, done methodically to identify the finest in the industry.

Governments across Africa and corporates will present and share their experiences, opportunities, policy and regulatory impact, procurement and supply chain strategies, innovations, and future paths to accelerate renewable-centric unique opportunities for economic growth and prosperity in Africa during the awards ceremony.

The awards promise to be a knowledge and business platform to gather lessons from across Africa, to achieve self-reliance in technology and manufacturing, not only to meet domestic needs but also for Africa to establish itself as a regional hub for the export of renewable energy solutions.

Objectives of the Conference

To bring together all the players in the renewable energy sector in one spot

To showcase the latest technology and innovation in the sector

To recognize the companies and individuals who have excelled in the renewable energy space in the last 10 years

To celebrate achievements by various sector players in the energy space

To recognize the role of regional bodies and trade bodies in driving integration and synergy in finding renewable energy solutions as an enabler for integration .